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Common Weed May Be ‘Super Plant’ That Holds Key to Drought-Resistant Crops

By Oregon State University, CC license A drought-proof weed may hold the key to feeding the world, according to new…

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Starch in Green Bananas May Slash Risk of Some Cancers by Over 60%, Study Finds

Joshua Olsen A study has identified a starch in unripe bananas that can reduce the risk of some cancers by…

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Miners Find Giant Pink Diamond in Angola

Lucapa Diamond Company Limited Miners in Angola have uncovered another giant pink diamond just seven years after they opened the…

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‘It’s been a dream come true’

Southwest Airlines Co. / Schelly Stone Southwest Airlines announced its first-ever mother/daughter pilot duo, after Captain Holly Petitt joined First…

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Parts of the Great Barrier Reef Show Highest Coral Cover in 36 Years

Australian Institute of Marine Science 2022 Report The northern and central Great Barrier Reef have recorded their highest amount of…

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3-Foot Giant Tortoise Saved From Train Tracks Thanks to Determined Woman Who Spotted the Escapee

Train services bound for Cambridge, England, were halted to rescue a giant tortoise that had strayed onto the tracks. Clyde…

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Trendy Type of Norwegian Cheese May Stave Off Bone Thinning, Shows New Study

Coyau, CC licensefoo Just a small portion of Jarlsberg can help stop bones getting weaker without boosting cholesterol, according to…

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Priceless Lost Jewels From Legendary Maravillas Shipwreck Are Finally Found in Bahamas

A sunken crown jewel hidden in The Bahamas since 1656—the shipwrecked remains of the Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de las…

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New DNA From a Tooth Confirms Famous Wild Ponies in Maryland Descended From Spanish Shipwreck

Chincoteague wild ponies: PHOTO BY THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE-CCO (via UFL.edu) Wild feral horses have roamed freely across an island…

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Stray Dog Crashes Couple’s Wedding — and Becomes A Part of Their Family

TAMÍRIS MUZINI – released Douglas Robert and Tamíris Muzini were ready for their big day, when they would commit to…

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