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International independent mechanism could be set up to find 100,000 disappeared Syrians, UN says

The United Nations could set up an independent mechanism to help find 100,000 missing persons in Syria, as the regime of Bashar Al-Assad continues to remain unaccounted for those it disappeared and detained throughout the ongoing civil war.

In a report by the Executive Office of the UN Secretary-General issued at the end of August, it recommended an “independent mechanism” that would assist in the search for missing and disappeared people in Syria.

Amid the number of actions which such an organisation would take to assist the search, the primary goal recommended by the report is that it should act as a central hub for information and data on the disappeared Syrians.

Throughout the ongoing 11-year-long conflict in the country, over 100,000 have been arrested, detained and disappeared by regime forces and security services. Those disappeared are thought to be subject to torture and often death, but have had no contact with family members or the outside world.

Syria regime acknowledges deaths of 1,056 people forcibly disappeared, report reveals

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